SAE Mini Baja 2016

Project Description

Needs: The SAE club, advised by Dr. Tester does not have an operational mini baja vehicle to
compete in the SAE competition. The goals of the SAE mini baja group, shown in Table 1 is to
build an operational baja vehicle using the frame from last year’s design that will place in the top
ten for the SAE competition. In order to be successful the project must serve as a learning
opportunity and inspire teamwork related to engineering design and practices.


Goals: Make Design Operational; Learning Opportunity; Inspire Teamwork; Re-use Frame;


Design Objectives: To accomplish our goal of placing in the top ten at competition, the SAE baja team has
established multiple objectives related to the performance of the vehicle. Based on the current
state of the baja from last year’s design, the mini baja group wants to increase the speed and the
acceleration of the vehicle by improving the performance of the transmission. In order for the
vehicle to be competitive the group wants to decrease the weight of the vehicle and improve the
traction. Finally, group also wants to make the vehicle safer while also expanding the ergonomic
capacity for the driver.


Design Constrains: From our objectives, and under the advisement of Dr. Tester, the team agreed on multiple
constraints that will help guarantee the baja’s success. To ensure completion and to provide
adequate time for testing, the group must have a fully operational vehicle by March 1.
Additionally, this fully operational baja must utilize a minimum of two forward gears and one
reverse gear, must incorporate a standard 10 hp Briggs and Stratton engine, and cannot exceed
108 inches in length or 64 inches in width. In order to be competitive, the team is hoping to have
a vehicle weight between 400 and 800 pounds.

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