Hozhoni Foundation Button Maker

Project Description

The design team is tasked with modifying the current button-making process at the Hozhoni Foundation. The current machine is difficult to operate in several regards, and by modifying the button press and the process of how it's made, Hozhoni will be able to provide a larger number of clients with a job and income. Currently, clients need significant leg strength, balance, manual dexterity, and high visual acuity. The team hopes to reduce the skills needed to operate the button press so that more clients have an opportunity to work.

Client :

The Hozhoni Foundation is one of the leading providers of jobs and activities for people with disabilities in Northern Arizona.

They provide work and stability for over 145 people.

The Hozhoni Foundation was founded in 1970.

Technical Advisor:

Sarah Oman, PhD

Phone: (928) 523-0468



Team Information:

Dylan Oliva: Project Manager dao36@nau.edu
Kristen Reiger: Primary Author kjj5@nau.edu
Ryan Torres: Customer Contact rpt24@nau.edu
Abdulah Almerri: Web Developer ama568@nau.edu
Bryce Igo: Budget Manager bi39@nau.edu