Northern Arizona University

NASA Human Exploration Vehicle

Senior Capstone 2014-2015

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design

The purpose of this design class is to demonstrate and apply the techniques learned throughout the years here at Northern Arizona University. The capstone class is the last of a four class sequence. These design 4 practice classes were founded on five basic principles:

     1. Produce engineering graduates who can creatively apply technical          skills to effictively solve problems
     2. Teach students to intgrate skills obtained in classes into the overall          design process
     3. Cultivate skills necessary to be sucessful
     4. Develop communication skills necessary to be successful
     5. Ensure students understand the design process

Team Decision

The team had narrowed down the project to three options:
     1. NASA Human Exploration Rover Competition
     2. Gore Mock Vessel
     3. ASME Robots for Relief
After deliberation, the team had come to a consensus that we would proceed with the NASA Exploration Rover Competition.