Orbital Sciences Corporation
Payload Separation System
Northern Arizona University
Mechanical Engineering
2013-2014 Capstone Project

Launch vehicles that place payloads into orbit require mechanisms to release the payload into orbit.

The payloads are typically fragile and are composed of various optical components that can be harmed when transported. Due to this problem, companies have designed various payload separation systems that have become too expensive and complicated. Mary Rogers, the Electronic Packaging and Actuators Manager from Orbital Sciences Corporation, has requested for a new design of the payload separation system. This new design of the system must be reduced in cost, impart minimal shock to the payload, and be less complicated by reducing the number of parts. The team will design, analyze, and build a sub-scale model of the payload separation system for testing for ME 476 Capstone Senior Design by May of 2014.

Launch of a Pegasus Rocket