About the Client

Raytheon was established in Cambridge, MA in 1922. The company specializes in defense, homeland security, and many other government markets around the world. Some of the previous projects Raytheon has worked on are the guided Lark Missile and Apollo 11. As one of the leaders of innovation and technology, Raytheon aims to become the most admired defense and aerospace systems company.

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Mechanically Isolated Electronics Tray

The Project

Many operation electronic components that are used today experience disruption from vibration environments. To solve this problem, Raytheon would like to isolate these components from the vibration environment. The project goal is to construct a mechanically isolated electronics tray prototype to model the resistance of vibrations and shock from the system’s operating environment. To accomplish the set goal, the team is to design a device to reduce vibration and shock impact on an electrical component of a system in an environment prone to both. The first step is to house electronic components for a weapons system, isolating the electronics from induced vibration and shock. The team will design isolators able to tune to desired frequency of vibrations.

Project documents are unavailable to the public due to the proprietary information provided by Raytheon.


Scott Brandon

Kaelyn Devore

Jay Pearson

Tiffany Rodriguez

Maria Salas

NAU Photo Provided by Kevin Montoya