A New Class Of Vehicle, Designed From The Ground UpEngineered for speed, efficiency and practicality

Our Capstone Project

For our senior capstone design our team chose to design and build a human powered vehicle for the ASME HPVC.

  • Project has a 9 month time frame. August 2013 to April 2014.
  • Our team comprised of 6 members, each working towards their bachelors in mechanical engineering.
  • Throughout the design and build we worked to document our progress.
  • We also made a series of presentations about our project throughout the year.
  • Our goal is to design a vehicle that works for the average user.

Find out more about our capstone project, its details and its associated documents here.

The Competition

  • April 25 2014
    The Human Powered Vehicle Challenge is a competition based design project hosted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). This competition was established to encourage college students to implement the skills learned throughout their engineering classes and apply the concepts to practical engineering. The competition is comprised of three categories: a sprint race, an endurance race and a design event.Read more...