Active Roof System

Team 06

ME Senior Design 2013-2014


Operation Manual (04/25/2014)

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Final Project Report (04/18/2014)

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Project Midpoint Review (03/03/2014)

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Project Progress Check (01/27/2014)

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Brief Project Description

For this project our team will be investigating different roof designs which could lower this power usage, and then design, construct and test these roof designs by using scale model prototypes representing a large building. The idea is to see if these different roof designs are able to significantly decrease the amount of power usage required to keep the interior of the prototypes at a cool temperature by reducing the amount of solar radiation that hits the roofs.


The three prototypes will all be constructed the same except with different roofs. The control roof design will be painted white to represent an average roof of a large warehouse building. The passive roof design will have a black painted roof and stationary reflective panels which will allow for the sun's radiation to be reflected away from the roof surface in summer and absorbed by the roof in the winter.


Control Roof Prototype




Passive Roof Prototype




Active Roof Prototype