Quick Change Electrical Connection 
A Mechanical Engineering Capstone for Raytheon Missle Systems
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This site is designed to follow and document the progress for a quick change electrical connection being designed for Raytheon Missile Systems

Raytheon is studying the idea of designing a weapon with a quick change nose assembly much like the quick change nose assemblies used on Indy and Formula 1 race cars. The difference is that the nose assemblies on the race cars are purely mechanical. The Raytheon design would also include electronics in the quick change nose and would have features that would self align the electrical connection and provide the necessary preload on these connections to insure proper electrical performance over the weapons environmental spectrum. Raytheon is looking for a design for this quick change electrical connection. Ideally this design would not require the nose installer to do anything but mechanically align and lock the nose in place.

Needs report:
analyzing the needs of the project as well as creating a project timeline for future goals and expectations.

Below is a video outlining the general expectations of the project. This video can be found online at the raytheon website, and the black wire is  where the electrical connection is made.

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