Christmas Ornament Display Stand

Capstone Senior Design

My Star of Bethlehem

Project Description

In order to help promote and highlight these decorative ornaments, the client requested that a portable ornament display stand be designed and manufactured. This structure should have the ability to support up to three ornaments at a time, while elevating them at least six feet above the ground. The design must be collapsible, lightweight, and be assembled or disassembled in less than 30 minutes.

Based upon the client’s requirements, our team designed the structure largely out of recyclable materials such as aluminum. It can elevate the largest ornament 8 feet off the ground when measured from the lowest point while elevating the other two ornaments 7 feet off the ground. The structure is divided into 6 components for ease of manufacturing and future assembly. The heaviest component weighs no more than 25 pounds so that an average adult can carry each piece with minimal effort. The structure is portable when disassembled allowing each section to be transported in a compact sedan. All conceivable safety aspects were taken into account during the design process. The final structure can withstand gale force winds without bending or toppling. Based on preliminary tests with individuals who had no knowledge of the stand, the assembly time took no more than 10 minutes when given verbal instructions. The prototype was also designed with aesthetics in mind making use of polished surfaces.

Sponsor Background

My Star of Bethlehem LLC is a small online business founded by Sandy Lochow in October of 2011 that operates out of Sedona, Arizona. Sandy and her husband Dieter grew up just a few miles outside of Hernhut, Germany where the original Hernhut Christmas stars were conceived. After relocating to the United States over ten years ago and missing the Christmas stars she grew up with, Sandy decided to bring the stars to America and open up her own store. My Star of Bethlehem LLC sells decorative ornaments which are both manufactured and directly imported from Germany [1].

[1] Otte, Dieter. (2012). "My Star of Bethlehem; The Star That Keeps on Giving..." Retrieved from

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