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Left to right: Juan Fuentes, Jennifer Torres, Duane Bitsilly, Jonatha Silva.


Team Name: GORE NAU

Team Project: Simulated Aneurysm Deployment Model

Senior Mechanical Engineering students:

Duane Bitsilly

Juan Fuentes

Jonathan Silva

Jennifer Torres

Senior Electrical Engineering students:

Shadi Bafaraj

Thermaine Johnson

Tom Ribaudo

Drey Vaughn

Justin Wong

Team Sponsors from Gore:

Murray Andress - Mechanical Engineer

Jason Alger Mechanical Engineer

Brandon Short Mechanical Engineer

Scott Bryson - Electrical Engineer

Project Description:

        Provide W.L Gore with a presentable model of an aneurysm in the abdomen region for demonstrations of the EXCLUDER device deployment.

        Model will be used for sales, education, and public demonstrations of device deployment.


       Model must be reusable, portable, and appropriately sized to sit on a table.

       Must be capable of visibly demonstrating the delivery and deployment of the device.

       Device must be removable after demonstration.

       Anatomically comparable to human body conditions (circulatory system, temperature, flow rate, etc.).

       Capable of obtaining and displaying pressure readings of the aneurysm wall to prove a pressure drop occurs after deployment.

       All control system outputs must be display on a Graphical User Interface application (GUI)

       Capable of collecting data to display on the GUI and export to a CSV file.

       The teams are in competition with two other universities (ASU and U of A) for the best model. NAU must win.




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