Project Overview:

Many transmissions in recumbent bicycles today can get the rider from A to B, but they are not well-developed and often appear as though they are designed for other applications and have been recycled into a new bike design. Our team designed a new transmission that minimizes the length of the transmission assembly and allows for greater visibility and comfort without sacrificing conventional riding geometry. Two of our designs that accomplish these tasks are a hubless-wheel transmission design and a full-wheel transmission design. By containing the transmission within the circumference of the front wheel, the hubless-wheel design successfully keeps the exposure to dangerous moving parts to a minimum and eliminates any transmission protrusions above the wheel. Similarly, the full-wheel design also utilizes front-wheel transmission to create a more compact transmission assembly. This design focuses more on eliminating the chains altogether and using a shaft and gearing system to generate motion.


We welcome you to join us as we present our project at NAU's UGRAD Symposium on Friday April 27th, 2012. Please visit the UGRAD Website for more information.

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