What's New?

The third and final prototype has been completed and tested with very promising results. Look for the results on the Project page.


Team X-Prize is pleased to announce that the UGRAD symposium was a success. The presentation went well and the team secured a 2nd place finish for the poster contest.

Wecome to Team X-Prize

Team X-Prize is a Northern Arizona University Department of Mechanical Engineering capstone team. It is comprised of four team members: Jenny Baca, Chris Thompson, Jon Neal, and Greg Scott. Our goal is to develope a clean burning, affodable, and culturally accepted cookstove for developing countries. The team is aided by our advisors, Dr. John Tester, Dr. William Auberle, and Dr. Tom Acker. Further finacial support has been provided by our client and sponsor Dr. John Tester.
last modified 5/6/2011