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We are the Sustainable Packaging Solutions senior design team. The Kind Vines company is our client who has developed a reusable wine bottle concept where, after use, a wine bottle is washed and repackaged with wine. These wine bottles are to be used in a restaurant setting where they are cleaned and repackaged within the restaurant. Our design task involves building a portable wine bottling prototype that is capable of repackaging wine from a 10L keg within the restaurant setting. This product is beneficial because it represents a functional small scale bottling unit at low market price. 

Sponsor Information

Sponsor: Dave Williamson (Kind Vines Founder)


Contact Information:

Phone: (928) 853 - 2888


Advisor Information

Technical Advisor: Bryan Cooperrider


Contact: (928) 523 - 4613


Project Presentation

April 29, 2011

Join us at the Undergraduate Reaserch and Design Symposium at the Du Bois Center at Northern Arizona University.

The poster will be displayed from 3:00 - 4:30 PM in Room A and the oral presentation will be at 10:30 AM in the fremont room.

Address: 306 E. Pine Knoll Dr. Flagstaff, AZ 86001


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