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Every year the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sponsors several design competitions, including super-mileage, clean snowmobile and Mini Baja. This year a team of five seniors from Northern Arizona University will be competing in the Mini Baja competition in Bellingham, Washington. Teams entering in the SAE Mini Baja competition are required to design, build and race a small off-road vehicle. The vehicle must be capable of navigating different types of terrain such as mud, rocks, and sand. These events provide a unique and challenging environment for students to experience a real-world design project; going from concept to competition in less than nine months.† Competing vehicles are evaluated on their overall design, performance, and vehicle marketability.


NAUís Mini Baja program has a history of excelling at the SAE Mini Baja competitions. For instance, out of the 110 vehicles that entered the 2009 competition, NAU placed 5th in the tractor pull, 13th on the technical report, and 46th place overall. We hope to continue this tradition at the 2010 Washington competition where we will face a rock crawling course littered with basketball size boulders, a four hour endurance race, and other challenging events. These events are designed to push the vehicles and the design team to their limits.†


In addition to the competition, a presentation of the design and final product is required for Capstone. This final presentation will be given April 23rd, 2010 at the DuBois Center on campus, building 64 on the NAU map. Presentations begin at 8:30am and run until 4:00pm. The Mini Baja presentation will be held at 3:00 pm in the Agassiz Room.

Bryan Cooperrider

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To contact us:

E-mail: nauminibaja@gmail.com

Team Members:

Hans Taksa

Kyle Haug

Rosa McDonald

Ryland Rodman

Steven Silverstone




Joe Ascot

Society of Automotive Engineers




Dr. M.R. Mitchell

Constantin Ciocanel



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