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Prometheus Renewables, LLC located in Flagstaff Arizona, goal is to "strive to return the U.S. to energy independence by expanding the use of renewable energy". Currently Prometheus is focusing on installing photovoltaic systems (solar panels) on homes and business. They promote consumer education and the DIY (do it yourself) ambitions of their clients. Every system sold by Prometheus is custom designed, based on the electricity needs of each customer.


Prometheus Wind Turbine

The Prometheus wind turbine team, was challenged by Mr. Jim Corning, owner of Prometheus and NovaKinetics in Flagstaff Arizona, to build a low cost  wind turbine that is ideal for use in a residential setting.  This team was then paired with an Electrical Engineering capstone team to fully develop this project.

The Prometheus sponsored team designed and built a low cost, $500, wind turbine that is of appropriate size, 7ft diameter, for residential use. The wind turbine is capable of producing up to 350 W of power and is expected to produce over 200 kWh of energy each month under the wind conditions at our clients location. This is about 20% of the power used by the average American house hold each month.

finishedbladeCompleted Wind Turbine

Team picture Group Picture (above)                                              Testing Video (below)