Discovery Channel Telescope: Cold Plate Design

Team Information

Alec Kucala is currently a senior undergraduate at Northern Arizona University and is working on his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.† His areas of concentration include fluid mechanics, propulsion, thermodynamics, and aerodynamics.† He is currently doing the heat transfer and FEA analysis on the DCT Cold Plate project.

His current hobbies include playing guitar for a local band in Flagstaff, Arizona as well as playing disc golf when there isnít snow on the ground.




Alec Kucala

Team Lead

Craig Green

Budget Officer

Craig will be graduating in May with his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.† He is looking to begin working full time as a design engineer, ideally in the aerospace, building system, or medical manufacturing sector.† His emphasis in his degree is in the thermal fluids sector, and he has taken courses in aerodynamics, compressible flow, heat transfer, thermodynamics, and machine design.††

He is a lifelong resident of Flagstaff, recently married, and enjoys doing† any activity outdoors with his dogs and wife.


Team Secretary, Customer Liaison

Curtis Vedder

Curtis is a senior and will be graduating with his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in May.† His interests are in heat transfer, fluid mechanics and aerospace.

For the current project , in addition to his role as the customer liaison and secretary, he is working heavily with SolidWorks.† He is working on the prototype parts and then turning them into shop drawing to ascertain bids from contractors to build the cold plate.