Discovery Channel Telescope: Cold Plate Design

Final Design

Below are pictures of the final  petal design for the even petal.  Notice the contoured shape to capture the shape of the mirror as well as the holes that allow the cold plate to conform to the telescopes mounting structure.  This pictures represents SolidWorks renderings of the final product for the “even petal”.   The upper picture is of the full assembly while the lower picture is the same petal with the face sheet removed to show the final pipe geometry. 

Even Petal Design

Final Material Selection:

Face Sheet:             Aluminum 1100, black anodized.  1/8” thick

Pipe:                          Aluminum 6061, 1/2” I.D., 5/8” O.D.

Panel Frame:           Aluminum 6061, 1.75” x 1.25” x 1/8”

Insulation:               High-density Polystyrene R-5

Odd Petal Design

Below are pictures of the final  petal design for the odd petal.  This design has two forms as there is an alternating large round mirror support that needed to be accounted for in half of the petals.  The difference between the even petals include both pipe geometry and face sheet and insulation layout as well as a panel frame that has an opposite cut from the even petal’s.  This is illustrated best in the figure that shows all 12 petals below. 

Shown below is the arrangement of the petals in relation to the primary mirror.  Not pictured is the telescope mounting components that the cold plate was designed to avoid. 

Final Design Overview:

Length Tip-to-Tip of Single Petal: 57 inches

Outer Radius: 81.5 inches from center of mirror

Inner Radius: 24 inches from center of mirror

Small Hole Diameter: 2.75 inches

Large Hole Diameter: 5 inches

Approximate Length of Pipe per Petal: 30 ft