The mechanical engineering senior capstone team NAU Piston Power was contracted by Rain Bird the world’s leader in irrigation systems to generate power using constant water pressure and a method other that a rotating turbine to recharge a 9 volt battery. This is because many irrigation systems supplied by Rain Bird operate without using hard wired ground power across the world. So these systems require a 9 volt battery to operate and have a life span of approximately 1 year. So the replacement of these batteries is a tedious and costly process when done for thousands of irrigation systems each year.


Your invited to come see our Final Presentation April 23rd, 2009 at 1:00 pm and our poster session at 8:30 am at at the DuBois Center on Northern Arizona University north campus (poster session in Room B). If you get off the 17 on the 89A or Milton take a right on University before the target. Follow tell the stop sign make your next two rights your second being San Francisco make a right on Pine Knoll look for the signs.



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