Project overview


The 2008-2009 Gore Capstone project includes the design and fabrication of a mechatronic catheter handle prototype. This prototype will utilize mechanical and electrical components to achieve the design requirements and specifications provided by W.L. Gore.


Client Description


W.L. Gore & Associates is a manufacturer of industrial, medical, and textile products. Conditions that Gore medical products treat include:

 Aortic Aneurysms


 Hernia repair

 Peripheral Vascular disease


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Special thanks to Jason Alger and Brandon Short of W. L. Gore and Associates and Dr. Cathy Klock, Dr. Niranjan Venkatraman, and Kenji Yamamoto for technical advice.




Last Updated: 04/29/2009

Gore Capstone Team 2009 | ME 476C / 486C



Project Description

Design Process