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Northern Arizona University
Fall 2006-Spring 2007
Mechanical Engineering
Capstone Senior Design Project

Assembly of
Bioabsorbable Staple Line Reinforcement Implant


Team Members

Ben Cluff

Danielle Anderson

Garett Mapoles

Doug Helsel

Client Information

Contact Information



Our team developed a process to assemble an implantable medical device comprised of adhesive tabs and bioabsorbable webbing. These components are assembled to create a bioabsorbable staple line reinforcement device used in various surgeries such as gastric bypass and colo-colonic anastomosis. The primary concern being addressed for the client, W.L. Gore & Associates, is to reduce any ergonomic concerns that may be present in the current process. Our process is user friendly and decreases the fine and repetitive motor skills required. The mechanism we developed adheres to all requirements set forth by W.L. Gore, and therefore worthy to be used in a medical device manufacturing environment.


Overall Project

Problem Statement

Design Description

Final Machine Design



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