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The Testing Regiment Designed to bring us to the best solution is shown below.


          Dielectric load test

††† - gave strength of Dielectric Material

          Acrylic load test

††† - Gave verification of Mode of Failure

          Buffer torque and retract test

††† - Verify that retraction was not a cause

          Cap torque and retract test

††† - Measured forces during torques and retract

          Moment / Shear on Buffer

††† - measured force from moment on Buffer

          J-1 retract test

††† - measured force of Missile †††††††††††††††† Connector

          Retract cycle test

††† - Fatigue testing



The pictures above are just a sample of the equipment NAPD manufactured to extensively test the system in question.

Team Members- Client†† - Project Description- Design Approach†† - Testing- Solution- Pictures