Raytheon Missile Systems:

J-9 connector Failure

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Introduction to Northern Arizona Progressive Design (NAPD):


Here at NAPD we pride ourselves in quality design and consulting work.We specialize in mechanical projects of all shapes and sizes.NAPD does work in many fields and will revue and analyze any problem in order to decipher the possibilities of success that NAPD might have with the project.If it is deemed that NAPD will be capable of taking on the project, then a proposal for the work will be created and work will begin upon agreement of the scope of work and financial considerations.


Current Project: Raytheon Missile Systems, J-9 Connector Failure


Currently NAPD is working with Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ.We have been employed to analyze the failure of the J-9 connector and provide Raytheon with a feasible and economical fix for this problem.


NAPD has proposed tosolve the failure problems of the J-9 connector in a cost effective and efficient manner.NAPD will conduct a failure analysis of the connector, i.e. the how, where, why, and when of the failure.After the determination of the cause of failure NAPD will begin to design a solution to this problem.There can be many solutions to this particular failure, however solving this problem in an inexpensive and logistically sound method can be very challenging.NAPD proposes to do so and to provide Raytheon with a final solution that will curtail the failures of this connector and the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars by Raytheon.






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