Welcome to the web page for the Dynamometer Shaft Redesign.  It is our hope that you will be able to get a better understanding of the project and it's members through this page.

Dynamometer Shaft Team during our trip to see Mark Davis, the client

The Project

Emission tests are required in many locations around the country.  These tests are performed in hopes that they will reveal what the car's emissions are in reality.  This is done by putting a vehicles wheels on a "roll", and allowing the wheels to spin.  The testing machine or the dynamometer the adds resistance to the rolls, simulating driving in real conditions.  The added resistance is needed or the cars emissions will be different than from everyday driving.

This added resistance puts torque on the shaft that is attached to the rolls.  Many of these dynamometer shafts are failing due to this torque.  As Shaft Consulting, we have decided to take on the task of studying these shafts and redesigning the failure-prone shaft.




The following is a list of tasks that the team has recently accomplished or will soon tackle.  Whenever a new document or presentation is required, we'll add it here.

4/20/01 Meadows Conference Room, DuBois Center

Capstone Conference- Presented our findings and suggestions to Mark Davis as well as other professionals and onlookers.
Poster Presentation- Displayed or project for the general public.


Final Report- A report detailing our findings, suggestions, methods used and budget for the project.
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