High Speed Micro-Turbine Shaft


Sam Kolman, Bill Isaacson, Andrew Messesan


M-Dot, Inc.

December 15, 1999


Through our communication with your company, more specifically with design engineer Mr. Jordan Tresser, we understand that M-DOT currently has a turbine that rotates up to 452,000 RPM but desires to create a new version that can rotate up to 1,000,000 RPM. The OTT^S team is being asked to design the bearing system (radial only) and perform a turbine-shaft analysis for the million RPM turbine. All other components such as the turbine, compressor and combustion chamber are being designed in-house by M-DOT Inc.


The OTT^S team received an RFP for design of a bearing system (radial only) and turbine-shaft analysis for the M-DOT 800,000 RPM turbine. From stated requirements and specifications, the OTT^S team designed viable bearing solutions and performed a comprehensive turbine-shaft analysis. The design is state of the art and as well as comprehensive. Using iterative processes ensured that both the bearing and shaft designs are optimum.  Such a process facilitated achievement of desired mode shapes of vibration in turn yielding minimal vibration, reasonable turbine-shaft deflections and appropriate bearing loads. All design criteria were met while achieving a safe operational speed of 800,000 +/- 25% RPM.  OTT^S confirmed that the design is both functional and safe through software analysis and by hand engineering calculations.


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Last modified: May 9, 2000