Northern Arizona University

Capstone Design Project

Automated Mitre Jointed Door Clamping system

This is the home page of the Team Clamp of the Mechanical Engineering Department Fall 97. This page contains all the information leading to the development of the Automated Mitre Jointed Door Clamping System for t he Capstone Design Project 1998.It is grouped into several categories and can be found in the table of contents on the left side of this page.

Capstone Design Project is a design project that all seniors are required to complete before graduating from Northern Arizona University. This project includes a conference wherein all engineering majors get a chance to demonstrate their respective projects - they have been working on for two semesters. People from industry, project sponsors and also the general public are invited to see the accomplishments of various engineering teams in this conference which usually takes place at the end of Spring Semester 1998.

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