EGR 486 Senior Design

NOTAR Helicopter Thruster Design

We have been selected to do a preliminary redesign of the McDonnell Douglas NOTAR helicopter. The scope of our work involves the anti torque system utilized by the one-of-a-kind NOTAR helicopter. Who we are: Jessica Epstein, David Hale, David Rivera, and Erin Stringer.

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The NOTAR Thruster Concept Team is currently pursuing a three phase iterative design process. The team developed specifications for the design and brainstormed conceptual solutions after meeting with Dino Cerchie in Flagstaff and communicating with Dr. Tom Thompson by phone. In the conclusion of the first iteration the team selected four design ideas for further development. The original task schedule was modified to reflect this decision and to plan for the completion of the four selected designs for the final presentation on April 25. The team will begin the second iteration of the design process as of February 21, beginning the development of two of the selected designs by teams of two. The conceptual designs adding aft thrust to the current NOTAR Thruster system will be provided to McDonnell Douglas by late April, early May.

The NOTAR Thruster Concept team is following a spiral design philosophy. This entails the completion of three complete design iterations. The first iteration completed requirements capture, problem definition, and a requirements and specifications document. At the end of this iteration the team selected four design ideas for further development. The second iteration will include the research, development, and completion of the design concepts. The main focus of the third iteration will be to finalize the designs and prepare for the final presentations.

The current changes made by the design team improve the organization of the design process. The second iteration was divided into two design segments (as shown on the schedule included in Appendix A). Each design segment will last 16 days, with the team dividing into two groups with two members working on a single design. This will encourage the short but comprehensive research and development of each design. The team met with Dino Cerchie at Pulliam Airport in Flagstaff and received valuable information and ideas about the NOTAR system. A list of requirements and specifications developed following the visit and were submitted with the project proposal.

In the preceding weeks, the design team focused heavily on concept generation and brainstorming. The two scheduled brainstorming sessions were accomplished on time, with all of the preliminary concepts recorded. The past two weeks were dedicated towards design selection. Four designs were chosen by the team for further development. These designs were selected using a design matrix which included all of the preliminary design ideas which met the requirements and specifications.

Specifications and requirements regarding anti-torque thrust and expected analysis procedures are concerns that the team is encountering. The magnitude of the lateral thrust vector needs to be obtained for full left and right positions to provide sufficient design solutions. Another concern is how extensive the analysis on the designs should be (i.e. finite element analysis, air flow analysis, vibration analysis, etc.). This information has been requested by e-mail to Dr. Tom Thompson.

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