Monteith Personal All-Terrain Vechicle



Project Background

The Monteith personal All-Terrain Vehicle Eco/Urabn Rider is a new concept in personal transportation. It is a highly advanced human electric hybrid hardware platform with numerous communication and application layers. The Eco/Urban Rider will simply and safely maneuver through all types of commuting environments by utilizing a F2-R1 variable geometry platform. Most importantly, the Eco/Urban Rider addresses many of the problems humanity faces today:
• urban congestion
• driver/user safety
• personal health decline
• environmental impacts
• cost of ownership/commuting
• short product life cycles
• energy
• infrastructure

Project Statment

The Eco/Urban rider frame is built as a fully integrated "rolling chassis" similar to GM's "Skateborad" concept, with variable geometry and leaning capabilities. Its fully enclosed passenger compartment provides comfort and safety for the rider by a high strength cage and anti-ballistic poly-carbonate glazing panels. The requirements for the Eco/Urban rider body are as follows:
• It must be strong
• It must be lightweight
• It must be easy to maintain
• It must be ready for mass production