Rocket Test Stand

This capstone project is an adaptable and expandable rocket test stand. The system will calculate important parameters such as thrust, impulse, pressure, and temperature.

Link to Full Report

Summary Of The Project

We are designing the electronics of a rocket test that will utilize a load cell, pressure transducers, and thermo couples to find the thrust, impulse, pressure, and temperature to determine if the rocket motor is safe and is operating as expected.

38mm Rocket Test

To view our 38mm Rocket Test, click the button below.

Output Data

54mm Rocket Test

This is a video displaying a rocket being tested on the test stand with our system collecting data from it.

Output Data

The Electronics Box

The electronics box contains the RF switch and Arduino Due which runs the project. The image on the right shows this box without any sensors plugged in.

Key Features


Low error percentage data values using cutting-edge sensors. 


System architecture allows for new or updated components to be added at any time. 


Fail safes and other safety concerns built into the system to protect all personnel health.

Real-time Data Collection

High frequent data point collection above 100 data points a second to capture all viable data.