Project Overview

The goal of this project is to develop an IoT device that accurately measures a brewing liquid’s specific gravity to 0.0025 g/ml accuracy during fermentation. The device will also measure the temperature of the liquid. Our device will eliminate the need to open brewing containers to check on the brew, which reduces contamination risk and manual effort. Our sensor will also display real-time data, providing brewers a convenient monitoring solution.

Problem Statement

During the fermentation process, it is important to know how quickly the sugars are being digested in order to get an estimate of the alcohol content. This process typically requires the brewer to open the container which adds risk of ruining the batch. This is primarily an issue in the scale of home brewing rather than on a larger industrial scale. A potential solution to this issue would be a device that can track the rate of sugar being digested by yeast in a brew without having to open the container. From our client, we were able to gather data that would further develop the need for a new solution and how to proceed in designing it. A typical way that homebrewers would measure specific gravity is by taking measurements before fermentation begins and during fermentation using a hydrometer that floats in the liquid. [2] This existing solution works well but it is limited in multiple ways such as needing to physically be read and monitored by opening the brewing container, battery life, durability, and accuracy. These factors lead to the need for an improvement upon typical hydrometer designs used by homebrewers.

Competitive Solutions

Tilt Hydrometer

The Tilt Hydrometer is the only other solution on the market that provides live data. However, since the Tilt is floating in the liquid, it is succeptable to floating objects like fruits disrupting the measurements.


EasyDens Hydrometer

The EasyDens is another digital hydrometer, but it does not provide live data as it requires a manual measurement. It is also very expensive, with a price tag of $449.00.