Electrifying Hearts

Bioelectric Fully Implantable Generator

A rechargeable way to make major surgeries for pacemaker battery replacement a thing of the past!

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Our BioElectric Generator is funded by W.L. Gore and Associates.
Special Mentions for: 
Our clients ​DJ Mongeau and ​Anthony El-Shamsi,
Professor Julie Heynessens, ​Dr. Tim Becker, Professor Paul Bakke, Dr. ​Rodolfo Echavarria Solis, Professor Venkata Yaramasu.
 Capstone TA Jack Hardy and ​Professor Carlo R. da Cunha,
Braulio Gonzalez

Recent Awards

30 November 2023
Engineering Fest 1st Place Capstone Poster
Category: Electrical Engineering Capstone
Prize: $1000 for the team

Dual-Chamber Pacemakers

Dual-chamber pacemakers are devices designed to regulate and support the heart's rhythm. Unlike single-chamber pacemakers, which have only one lead in either the atrium or ventricle, dual-chamber pacemakers have leads in both the atrium and ventricle. This allows them to coordinate the timing of electrical impulses between the two chambers, closely mimicking the natural sequence of heart contractions. By synchronizing the atrial and ventricular contractions, dual-chamber pacemakers can improve the efficiency of the heart's pumping function and enhance overall cardiac performance. 

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- Nelson Mandela