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Northern Arizona University

HCC Electrical Engineering Team

About Us

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is looking to derive a hydropower-based solution to enable 100% clean energy within a defined region through a case study analysis. Our team will develop an understanding of the role of hydropower in power grid operations and a hydropower plant’s operational flexibility to provide multiple grid services—specifically, the opportunities and limitations of a hydropower plant in a high-renewable-energy-integrated power grid. The case study analysis will explore water resources planning for hydropower operation for power grid requirements and environmental and other nonpower constraints and will consider the variability of water flow. Further, study teams will explore enhancing a hydropower plant’s operation flexibility and value through facility upgrades or hybrid approaches that integrate with other energy technologies.

Rules and Regulation of 2022 HCC 

Below is a link to 2022 HCC rules and regulations. Detailed description of scoring criteria, requirements, etc.

This Gantt Chart shows the progress of the team and the different projected tasks that needed to be completed throughout the duration of the case study. 

Gantt Chart

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