The Problem

The payroll for MLB players amounts to approximately more than half the spending budget for each team. Upcoming prospects or active players are frequently traded in part because of their performance but mainly due to financial concerns. Batters are often analyzed more closely when it comes to player selection as it one of the many positions that ultimately determine the outcome of the game.


A system that is networked between three separate device

Tracking Device: Raspberry Pi Zero W is connected to an inertial measurement unit that produces accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope data.

- A low pass filter program in the Raspberry Pi Zero minimizes the noise and drift to produce more accurate data

- Calibration functions is included in the source program to remove the soft and hard iron core materials that interfaces with the magnetometer

Computing Device: A computer will receive both raw IMU and the converted data

- The data is arranged in .csv files then MATLAB complies all of the data to develop a 3D visual of the users detected movement

Watch Device: An Arduino Nano BLE 33 is connected to real-time clock and a OLED screen to display both the time and results of the users performance

-The tracking device sends only the converted data which consist of velocity, displacement, and directions

          -There are five push buttons that allows the user to change the time/date            and controls the tracking device to start, stop, and reset.


We are the Grey-7 Engineers

Jacob Bustamante
Team Member

Senior Electrical Engineer at Northern Arizona University and hardware. software, and model developer for Capstone Project.

Hongyu Zhang
Team Member

Senior Electrical Engineer at Northern Arizona University and contributor to the capstone project.

Carlo R daCunha
Client and Instructor for Project

Assistant Professor at Northern Arizona University and the lead instructor for the EE486C Capstone Course.


This section shows our teams expedition towards developing and constructing the Log Everything Project.


Set the standards of how the system is divided into two devices and will communicate through IMU data

August to December 2022 (EE476C)

Modeling & Programing

Create the Bluetooth communication protocol, trig IMU conversions, and the assemble the models through SolidWorks.

January to March 2023 (EE486C)


Combine hardware, software, and models together. Set tracking device as central network to watch device and computing device.

April to May 2023 (EE486C)

Downloadable User Manual