NAU CWC 2022-2023
Team Cyclone

About Us

Our capstone project is a part of the Collegiate Wind Energy Competition (CWC) that occurs yearly to promote innovation and learning of the applications of wind turbines in real world experiences. Renewable energy has become increasingly popular with the worldwide goal of reducing global warming and fossil fuel usage. The purpose of our project is to design and build a complimenting electrical system that works together with mechanical engineering's turbine design to efficiently convert wind power to electrical power, with the main goal of stability. A well designed wind turbine should be able to operate within a wide range of wind speeds, while also maintaining safety measures for each of the components. The primary components of our design are the following: generator, AC/DC rectifier, DC/DC converter, microcontroller, and load. Our design and participation in the CWC will inspire future students in continuing the push for innovative solutions in renewable energy.

Meet the Team

We have two members that are apart of our team, which are the following:

Ian Luff
Faculty Consultant,
and Sponsor Liaison
Danielle Dockins
Website Coodinator,
Document Coordinator,
Presentation Coordinator
and Secretary