The future of gardening 

Project Description 

A system that helps the user to Nurture a plant and monitor the surroundings of the plant itself. This allows for more control over the plant and less  


We chose to do this project because Kuwait has harsh weather for plants. This system is going to grow or take care of a plant with minimum human interaction. The design is programmed to cool the chamber whenever the temperature is higher than wanted. It can also make The chamber drier by a suction fan whenever it is too humid. It can also water the plant whenever it needs watering. The chamber has two security measures, one is to alarm the user whenever the motion sensor is activated. The second measure is that the door cannot be opened unless the RFID scanner grants a success code by a card. The plants that are going to be placed within the chambers are a Rhubarb and a Zenia. We chose these plants because they need extra care that this system can provide. Moreover, those plants need different environments so they can live in a more nurtured environment that suits the plant's needs.


Dr Robert Severinghaus

Our Client