Low Price Drives Team



Team leader, Document coordinator, Faculty technical advisor liaison.

I have some experience using the Arduino from my previous classes like EE286. My experience in coding is MATLAB and C, MATLAB being a better option for me. I took Dr.Yaramsu’s EE401 class over the summer so I have some knowledge in power systems. My interests include integrated circuits, which I developed an interest for after taking EE380, MATLAB coding ,though my skill level is not that high, and power systems.

Mubarak Alluwimi


Treasurer, Project web site coordinator, Vendor liaison/buyer.

Power system, SQL database and website design are my favorite. My associate degree was in computer programming. I am familiar with many coding languages and wiring circuits. Moreover, Electrical Drive class in summer 2020 got my attention to work in an electrical drive project since its mixed hardware and software I hope everything is going well and achieve our goal.



Secretary, Client liaison

I took classes with Dr. Yaramasu in summer, especially about electric drive, course EE403. In the lab we worked on the MATLAB/Simulink. Also, I’m taking EE484 about power electronics with Dr. Yaramsu. In the lab we worked on software (MATLAB/Simulink) and currently we are working on hardware which is on the Power-pole board and developing the boost and buck converters. I have been working with Arduino in EE 286 and have been working with semiconductor and circuits in EE 280 and EE380. I’m a beginner in all of what I know, still learning about everything we are taking but from last year I’m interested in power systems and circuits.



Scheduling coordinator, Presentation coordinator

: I am taking an EE484 class with Dr. Yaramasu this fall, about Power Electronics. In the lab we worked on the MATLAB/Simulink.