Collegiate Wind Competition

The Project

The goal of this project is to design and build a fully fucntional wind turbine. The CWC project has several teams ranging from Mechanical to Electrical engineers, where the mechanical teams will build the physical turbine, and the electrical team will design the electrical system. The main idea of this is to make the most efficient possible system to get as much output voltage as possible. The rest is up to us!

CWC Team

The 2020-2021 CWC team consists of 3 Electrical Engineers, and 2 Computer Engineers. We operate under the head of the SICCS AMPERE Lab Dr. Venkata Yaramasu, as well as our mentor Mahsa Keshavarz.

Noah Bell

Co-Team Leader

Auxillary Electronics Design


Aidan Nash

Co-Team Leader

DC/DC Converter Design


Benjamin Allen

Vendor Liason

Arduino Programmer

Evan Kramer


Electronic Parts Buyer

Nolan McNeil


PCB Design