Project Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) converter by Mohamed Aldihani, Lazim Almutairi, & Abdulelah Alajlan had a lot of challenges like control of converter currents with fast dynamic response and errors, operation of NPC converter is to convert current from AC to DC and from DC to AC with fixed-switching IGBT before connect to grid or load.


Ph.D. Kyle N.Winfree.


Ph.D.Venkata Yaramasu.


Mr.Jason David.


Mr.Kristiyan Milev.

Team Members & Description

Mohamed Aldihani,Team Leader, & Client Contact.

Abdulelah Alajlan,Treasurer.

Lazim Almutairi,Time Scheduler.

Project Depiction & Description

NPC Converter for Wind Turbines Poster


Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The project Neutral-Point Clamped (NPC) converter by Mohamed Aldihani, Lazim Almutairi, & Abdulelah Alajlan aims to control current, fixed switching frequency, and connection NPC with Grid. The client of our project is Dr.Venkata Yaramasu. The project NPC converter has many devices connected together such as 3 phase power, Yaskawa A1000 Drive, Motor Generator, and NPC converter with host PC as shown in Fig.1,2.


The problem that team has identified is that the speed sensor (encoder) is bigger than the motor Shaft, as shown in Fig.3. But the team has resolved the problem by adding Shaft Coupling 8mm, as shown in Fig.4.

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