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Final product

Data logging aspect

As seen in the figure above, the first table on the web server coresponds to the data loggers we have in this project, to be specific we have (at the time of writing this (2/28/2020) we have four data loggers, tempurature, humidity, light and Carbondioxide. This module gives the user the sense of what are the current indoor environmental conditions are.

Room comfort calculting aspect

As seen in the figure of the webpage, the second table on the web server corresponds to the room comfort calculating module of the project. This module takes into account the need variables that are being sensed (tempurature, humidity, light and carbondioxide "for now"). And measures each variables degree of comfort, additionally spits out a joint comfort value, the third table on this webpage helps in determining the current comfort value.

Energy effiency ascpect

analyzation of current conditions to see if they are effiecent or not

The GUI aspect of the project

a webpage generated by the device on the LCD screen"

DR4 Presentation

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