Collegiate Wind Competition 2020

Northern Arizona University

Team SkyAux

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Project Description

Our team had the goal of designing a micro-wind turbine system with low cut-in speed for the CWC 2020 in Denver, Colorado.

The CWC is an annual competition that pushes undergrads to explore and gain interest in wind energy.

We intended to design and build a three-converter system that utilized a full-bridge rectifier, two boost converters, a synchronous MOSFET topology, and multiple braking systems alongside the work of two additional subteams: one mechanical and one electrical.

Competition Criteria

  • Voltage must be direct current (DC) and less than 48V at any point in the system
  • The turbine base plate must be tied to ground with a 100 kΩ or less resistor
  • Capacitors and inductors may not be used as bulk energy storage on turbine side of point of common coupling (PCC)
  • No capacitors rated greater than 10J of energy storage may be used on the turbine side of the system
  • Turbine components (capacitors and inductors) must start from a zero charge energy state
  • All external wired connections must be optically isolated
  • Turbine electronics must be separately enclosed
  • PCC interfacing wires must be terminated with Anderson Powerpole Connectors

  • Milestones

    Full schematic design.             COMPLETE

    PI Control and rectifier modeled and simulated.  COMPLETE

    Schematic Printed Circuit Board design.      COMPLETE

    Full system illustrations and documentation.   COMPLETE

    *Testing currently postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic.*

    Our work could not have been possible if not for:

    Clients Dr. Venkata Yaramasu and Mr. David Willy

    Subteams DC-DC Converter Electrical Team, Mechanical Engineering Team, Siting Team