Augmented Powered Mobility

Electrical Engineering Capstone
Northern Arizona University

Brief Overview

Our client, Krista Branch, is a physical therapist in the Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD), who helps children with severe
impairments to improve their quality of life through movement training. The basis of our Augmented Mobility Platform Education
(AmpEd) is to help children with severe disabilities gain independence, while providing Branch the data she needs to help them.

Team Members


Daniel Beckett


Pursuing a bachelors in electrical engineering with a passion for embedded hardware engineering. My dream career would be to help design and build devices that can help others to better experience the world around them. The time I reserve for myself is often either spent mountain biking, playing video games, or building personal projects.


Khaled Khaled


I’m a senior, majoring in electrical engineering. After I graduate, I’ll be working on my own company to improve/innovate types of agriculture and technology in general. After, I’m going to work more on software and application technology. My area of interest including innovate technology/applications, design systems in general, cooking, riding horses, sports and investments.


Lauren May

Team Leader

I am a senior studying electrical engineering, highly interested in embedded systems and semiconductors. After I graduate, I will be working as a test engineer for Micron Technology. Some of my main interests outside class are: interior design, baking, and being outdoors.


Taylor Yee


I'm a senior, majoring in electrical engineering with an emphasis in computer engineering and minoring in psychological sciences. After I graduate, I'll be working as a software engineer with Raytheon Missiles & Defense. My areas of interest include hardware/software programming, music production, and staying active through sports.



Kyle Winfree

Assistant Professor


Krista Branch

Physical Therapist

Last Updated: 05/07/2020