GO Baby GO Project

This website will provide you with any new information about GO Baby GO project that began in 2012 by Cole Galloway at the University of Delaware. For more details, click below

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Brief Description of the Project

The main reason of the project “GO-Baby-Go” is to help children with disabilities and restricted movements to be able in doing various activities includes easier movements, mobility, and socialization. Our team is required to create new ideas on the car and being part of the development in improving this. In addition, the wild car thing is considered to be a fun way for kids since it will help them to socialize thus making new friends. Children with mobility issues deserve to be listened to and cared for just like other children of the society. Therefore, it means that equal opportunities must be provided for them so they can be able to participate in leisure and game activities just like the other children and also enjoy what other children enjoy despite their medical status. This project will assist kids with disabilities to overcome their challenges thus engaging in different activities.