Milestones and Key Tasks

The milestones can be broken into two categories, first semester and second semester. The first semester milestones were primarily research based in order to understand the problem at hand while the second semester milestones are completion or implementation of the research.

First Semester

  • Top level network, localization, and machine learning research
  • Consult with client fir specifications
  • Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) hardware research
  • Selected network hardware
  • Created prototype WSN

Second Semester

  • Created Gannt chart
  • Consulted with client for requirments
  • Revised localization method
  • Created Work Breakdown Structure
  • Began work on User Interface
  • Implemented network frame
  • Implemented routing algorithms
  • Thorough machine learning research
  • Implemented channel coding methods
  • Finished User Interface
  • Integrated everything together