DOE Collegiate Wind Competition
Team Turbine Electric

Project Description

DOE Information

The U.S Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) created the Collegiate Wind Competition in 2014 to help facilitate wind energy incorporate into the United States power generation mix. Wind Vision report: By 2035 wind energy could supply the nations electricity needs by 35%. Competition objective: Preparing students to enter the wind energy workforce by providing real-world technological experience.

Our Goal

There are two converters we will need to build. First, we will have to rectify the AC signal that is produced from the 3-phase AC motor attached to the wind turbine. We will then need to use a DC-DC converter to get the voltage within the desired range for the competition. The wind turbine will produce a variable DC signal once it has been converted from AC. Our design will need to be able to accept a wide range of DC input ranges and boost it to a consistent voltage. We will also need to power our arduino and the circuit we build using the wind turbine.

Our Client

We would like to thank Professor Willy for sponsoring our project and giving us guidance throughout the build of this design. A special thanks to Dr. Yaramasu for helping our team design our prototypes and test our final product. Lastly we would like to thank the DOE for creating this competition.

Project Tools

Design Decisions

Prototyping and Testing

Encountered Problems

During our project we encountered a few expected issues with the design.The first issue, some of the components got burned during testing. This issue generated another concern. Making more testing became time consuming because the burnt components has to be replaced. Over all, the design worked but it was very sensitive when it came to testing.

Final Product

Our Team

Abdallah Alsharrah

Team Lead

Chris Taylor

Sponsor Liaison

Juntong Liu


Electrical Engineering Team

Abdallah Alsharrah, Chris Taylor, Juntong Liu

Full NAU Team

Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers

Team Leads

Chris Taylor, Riley Sinek, Tanner Lehr