Last update date: 4/27/2019



Our project is to adapt an existing passive prosthetic arm into an active system with a feedback interface.

Our sponsor

Kyle Winfree’s research centers on the use of novel devices engineered for therapies and assessment. Specifically, he is interested in the design and performance of robotic interventions for therapy, remote assessment focussed outside of the lab, brain-computer interfaces, and the data analysis and algorithms associated with processing these systems. By studying coordination and adaptation in neurological impairments such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and “locked-in” syndrome, his research elevates and formalizes our understanding of data analysis and machine learning algorithms that can be used to optimize interventions and predict or diagnose human conditions.

Our Team
Aseel Yousef

Electrical Engineering
Ethan Gage

Electrical Engineering
Lihua Diao

Electrical Engineering
Xiaohan Liu

Computer Engineering