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Electrical Engineering Team's Capstone page.

Our focus is to select, test, and integrate an off the shelf DC-DC power converter and to design, build, test and integrate a DC-DC power converter to the wind turbine built by the Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC) mechanical engineering team. With assistance from David Willy and Dr. Venkata Yaramasu, we are gathering research on different control schemes and topologies of different converters in order to select the correct converter for the design. With the ultimate goal of designing and implementing a DC-DC converter, better than the off the shelf design, that is able to boost generated voltage to the desired value at low wind speeds.


David Willy

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Faculty Mentor

Dr. Venkata Yaramasu

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Team Members

Mechanical Team Members

  • Jesus Bravo
  • Joshua Danny
  • Chase Donnell
  • Melissa Hoover
  • Brent McFarlane
  • Rafeal Vera

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