The problem we are solving is a global issue in the classroom, which is the lack of communication between students and teachers in regards to note-taking. This product will make lecture notes written on the whiteboard digital, which becomes more accessible by “streaming” the lecture, and when finished is shared among the students as a pdf file. This aims to help students with disabilities like dyslexia, Parkinson’s, and other impairments. Students, with or without disabilities, can benefit by getting their notes on the go and students sitting in the back can be as involved as the students in the front row.This product is a practical, low-cost alternative to smart boards or Microsoft Surface.

The whiteboard marker will have the gyroscope attached closely at the tip in order to collect the most precise data. That data will be transferred to the hub (the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi) to process and analyze data to be displayed in Electron app. The Electron app will display what is being written on the whiteboard in real-time. Communication between the gyroscope and the hub will be through using Bluetooth 4.0 sensors.