Problem Description

Team Members

NASA Particle Beam

1.67um ZigZag Design




This project is a continuation of the particle beam radiation testing system developed by NAU in the 2014 - 2015 school year. The current 1.67um Design contains only one sensor, whereas the new 1.67um ZigZag Design will contain four sensors laid out in a ZigZag pattern. Having four sensors will allow scientists to collect four samples simultaneously. All sensors are synchronized and will be operated by four separate control boards and one instance of MATLAB.

The objective of this project is to be design a system that will be able to test radiation effects on various biological cells. This design will also be used by the NASA science team in conducting space radiation research as well as cancer research. The NAU ZigZag Capstone Team will be designing and building this design, but biological testing will be conducted by other universities.


Team Members:

Marissa Bell, Aaron Childers, Adam Clark,

Jose Mireles, Zack Remley, Jesse Sunderland


S. D. Holland, NASA,  Electronics Engineer


Faculty Advisor:

Julie Heynssens

Last Updated On: 3/26/2016