The BabyLift



The Problem Overview

Assisted walking is fundamentally different from having bodily control to freely explore. Devices for children with mobility issues are not commercially available and power wheelchairs are not available for children under age 3. Children with mobility issues experience developmental challenges due to their inability to explore their environment independently.
The BabyLift aims to provide modified, ride-on toy-sized cars to young children with mobility challenges so they can move and exercise independently. Traditional pediatric rehabilitation processes (once a week for 1 hour) rely heavily on of the guardians or therapist to control the pace and direction of physical therapy. These modified cars are going to give young children independence at a low cost. The BabyLift goal is to integrate rehabilitative processes into the user’s everyday routine. The BabyLift allows complete control of lifting and aims to encourage the desire to stand, stretch and explore their surroundings. The team expects to increase physical and cognitive development by making physical therapy fun and adaptable to the home, daycare center, and playground.





  • Dr. Kyle Winfree

Group Members

  • Mustafa Alkhabaz
  • Ali Alomairin
  • Colm Corr
  • Yaaqoub ElSaid

The team is cordially inviting you to UGRADS presentation April 29th at Du bois from 9:20 am till 9:45 am.