NASA Team 1 would like to invite you to our presentation on April 24th at 8:55 AM.
Presentation will be held in the Southwest Room of the du Bois Center. [directions] [close]
NASA Radiation Absorption in Tissue Samples:
Measurement of Radiation Flux

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our client, Mr. Douglas Holland, of NASA's Johnson Space Center. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge Dr. Elmer Grubbs, Mrs. Julie Heynssens, and Dr. Venkatraman all of which have been integral in our understanding and progression of this project.

Project Information

NASA is working with several biology majors from a different university to create and test a sensor which can accurately measure which biological cells in a given tissue sample absorb radiation and which cells allow radiation to pass through them. This has two applications:

  1. Ability to test radiation absorption by astronauts on long term space flights
  2. Cancer research testing

Team Information

  • Josiah Sellstrom
    • - Team Leader
  • Austin Rhodes
    • - Secretary/Website Coordinator
  • Keith Caldwell
    • - Vendor Liaison/Treasurer
  • Trevor LaBanz
    • - Document Coordinator
  • Katherine DeFonce
    • - Scheduling Coordinator


  1. Project Planning Phase - September 1st through October 29th
  2. Concept Generation Phase - October 30th through December 10th
  3. Detailed Design Phase - January 12th through March 23rd
  4. Integration and Testing - March 24th through May 15th