Hobby Scale Dynamometer

This webpage contains information regarding the development of a dynamometer for the characterization of hobby scale electric motors. The need for such an instrument stems from the lack of technical information regarding the electrical and mechanical characteristics available for hobby scale electric motors. This is an Northern Arizona University Capstone Electrical Enginerring Project that will be completed Spring of 2015. This instrument will have the following capabilities:


Professor David Willy: Mechanical Engineering :NAU

Electrical Engineering Team

Yasser Albishi : yfa4@nau.edu         

Mohammad Alsendi : ma933@nau.edu      

Patrick Gosack : pjg57@nau.edu        

Manaf Hasan : mah396@nau.edu   


* It is our pleasure to invite you all to attend our final presentation on April 24, 2015 at the DuBois building (9:20 am).

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